House Designs and Plans in Auckland

Are you looking to build a new home but haven’t got to the stage of getting designs and plans drawn up yet? We can help at Craft Construction. In fact, getting us involved at this stage of your new build project will help ensure the entire process runs more smoothly.

We have partner architects who have created house designs and plans for many of our Auckland clients. We know these architects well and have confidence in the quality of their work and the service they offer.

In addition, we are able to give our input into the process from a building contractors perspective. We’ll have ideas to offer as well as advice on how to achieve the home you want within your budget.

So, let’s get the process started. Contact us today.

New Home Designs and Construction Services in Auckland

There are several benefits of coming to us at the design stage of your new home building project. Those benefits include:

  • You’ll get an architect who comes with a firm recommendation from our experienced team
  • We have a good working relationship with our partner architects which helps to make the process run more smoothly
  • Our advice can help keep the cost of your new build down while we may also have other ideas and suggestions you might want to incorporate
  • As we’ll be involved from an early stage, we’ll have detailed knowledge of the plans before the construction work begins
  • You’ll save time and may save money as well

Contact us today to find out more.